Marsha and Lou's Koi and Watergarden Farm
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Saturdays 10:00-4:30
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Located at: 1381 Cornatzer Rd. Mocksville, NC 27028
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Sun grows ALGAE!!!  That is a fact!  Your pond needs to be covered 70% to control algae naturally.  Another option is to use an Ultra Violet light.  The light will kill the green, and keep your pond crystal clear.  We can get any size in these.  Keep in mind we recommend that you change bulb every 12-18 months.

Salt!!!  Salt improves gill function and reduces stress in fish.  Salt also helps reduce the toxic effects of nitrites.  Please consider the use of pond salt.  However remember plants have different levels that they can handle.  1 cup to 100 Gallons.

Keep the dying leaves and dead blooms pulled off of plants.  Leaves can turn your water a dingy brown color.

Chlorine....When you have city or county water you have to dechlorinate it when you add water.  If not the chlorinated water kills all the good bacteria and can kill your fish.

Never put any other water from any other place in your pond this transfers bacteria. Float fish then only add fish not water, rinse off roots of any plants.

                                     Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are Koi?

A.  Koi are ornamental domesticated varities of the common carp.  The word "koi" comes from the Japenese.  In Japan koi are symbols of love and friendship.  Koi have many different colors.

Q. How do I calculate pond size?

A.  Length x Width x Depth (feet) x 7.5 for rectangle
      Length x Width X Depth (feet) x 6.2 for circle of odd shape

Q.  How many koi can I have in my pond?

A.  One inch of fish per ten gallons of pond water will do well if adequately filtrated and small regular pond water changes are done.

Q.  How much should i feed my koi?

A.  Never feed them in the winter.  Starting in the spring feed them the amount of food that they can eat within 5 min.

Q.  My pond has foam on it and it kind of smells "fishy".  Whats going on?

A.  Summer is the perfect time for spawning.  Sometimes this can cause a little foam on top of the pond and create an unpleasant odor.

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