Aquatic Plants

Pond plants are some of the most important, beautiful, and overlooked asset to any water garden.  They help provide shade for your fish keeping them stress free and healthy.  Another benefit is they help keep your pond clean, balanced and algea free. Pond plants feed on unwanted nutrients like fish waste and nitrogen.  

What we stock

Hardy Lillies


Generally planted so that they are 6 to 24 inches deep in the water.  Various types of lilies.  Flowering May-Sept.



You can grow lotus outside or inside of your pond.  They should be planted 6 to 12 inches deep.  Blooms are very fragrant flowers which last 3-5 days.  

Floating Plants


Float on top of the water these plants do not need to be potted.  They are the easiest of all pond plants to grow.  These provide a lot of shade for your Koi Fish.  

Submerged Plants


These plants are sometimes called oxygenators or underwater plants. You can put a weight on the bunch of plants so they will stay submerged.

The best combination for your Koi pond is lots of live plants & good filtration & minimal amount of fish 

 A Healthy Ecosystem. AKA Clean Pond

Bog Plants & Marginal Plants


These plants are shallow water plants.  The top of the pot should be slightly above the water level.